TEMPLE Oil Burner

  • TEMPLE Oil Burner
  • TEMPLE Oil Burner
  • TEMPLE Oil Burner

Unique, statuesque Oil Burner to infuse your home with the soothing power of essential oils.

Hand-built from raku clay with a simple clear gloss glaze for a beautiful, natural finish. Oil burner is slightly speckled and an off-white to beige colour. A meditation in simplicity and neutral tones. Inspired by architecture, sacred spaces, temples.

Create a space for aromatherapy and self care, or purchase as a ready gift. Comes fully gift wrapped with complimentary tea-light.

SIZE: 17.5 x 8.5cm (approx.)

This is a slow-burn oil burner. Due to the height of this structure we recommend it be used with a 9hour tea-light and a concentrated mix of water and essential oils. Half-fill water tray and add 8-10 drops of your chosen essential oil.