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  • MOON MEDITATION STAND - amethyst (Raku)
  • MOON MEDITATION STAND - amethyst (Raku)
  • MOON MEDITATION STAND - amethyst (Raku)

Individually handmade ceramic meditation stand. Unique original design.

This design is intended to create a space of focus and intention for your daily meditation or mindfulness practice, and comes with an ethically-sourced Amethyst crystal. It has been mindfully designed to not only function as a crystal stand, but incorporates an incense holder and small vase, intended to hold either fresh flowers or a stick of burning palo santo.

Amethyst is widely regarded as a stone of healing, and is thought to possess protective qualities- turning negativity into positive, loving energy. Also associated with creativity, and the ability to amplify. Amethyst is believed to sooth and calm.

Shop our range of crystals if you would like another crystal to alternate with your amethyst.

This design is made from raku clay with a simple white glaze. The natural colour of the clay has been allowed to shine through the moon.
Back of stand slants back.

SIZE: 10 x 10 x 17cm (approx.)

Appearance of this item varies under different light conditions.
Please be aware that as these are individually hand-crafted items there may be minor variations and size differences to those shown in images.
Unlike our porcelain range, please note this item is made from raku clay which has a slightly coarser surface.
Shape of amethyst varies between individual specimens.
If you have any concerns/questions please contact us before purchasing.
Never leave burning items unattended.
Thank you.